Our client ‘SP’ has a C3 to C4 incomplete spinal cord injury.

Highlighted below is what she was looking for from a specialist care provider and what she now gets from Premium Care Solutions -


‘The specialist care provider’s employees are experienced, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate.’

‘I want a provider that engages closely with the client, involving them closely with the development of their own care package.’

‘Provides a holistic view, so all aspect of care are covered from clinical through to social care.’

‘Allows the client to be involved with the recruitment of their care team and understands the importance of employing the right staff suitable for their needs.’

‘Provides a high level of training and regularly monitors standards, to ensure the care provided is of premium quality.’

‘Has efficient admin support processes, so that the client and staff know who to contact in any eventuality.’

‘Has high standards of communication between all parties involved in the clients care, such as the client, staff, funding provider, OT’s Physio's etc.’

‘A provider that resolves any issues promptly and efficiently, with minimal impact on the client and with their care.’

‘I’m looking for a provider that maintains a consistently high level of expertise by keeping up to date with changes and developments within the care industry.’

Case Manager 'SM' stated

‘PCS proved themselves able to provide a quality service that meets the needs of individuals requiring complex care.’

‘They are passionate about putting the client at the centre of their plans and strive to be as creative as possible to ensure that care is delivered to meet the clients expectations'